Doha Forum 2016: It takes strength for someone to face today’s storms, but it takes COURAGE to stop them

Your Excellences,
Distinguished guests,
Since our last meeting, in 2015, the World community succeeded in one of its greatest struggles A global agreement on tackling Climate Change. This happened in December, at the Paris COP21, and was sealed in New York, exactly one month ago, when 175 countries signed the Agreement.
It is not a small achievement!
And its true value will be better understood in the light of the future generations.
Unfortunately, the list of global and regional problems remains rather long, maybe even longer if we look at the effects of record-low oil prices or the way migration impacted EU cohesion.
Within the seven minutes I was given, I can’t even hope of covering everything, from the future job loss due to wide spread use of robotics, or the way societies change because of the social media and fast information, to the nuclear threat of rouge dictatorships like Kim Jong-un, or the spread of new diseases like the the Zika virus.

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